Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap


Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap

Plastic-free July is coming to an end, but whatever month of the year it may be, we are passionate about our sustainable products and our recyclable Furoshiki packaging, inspired by the ever-inspiring Japanese culture.

Ever looked up at the stars and thought about how many millions of stars there are up there? Me too! I bet you’ll be shocked to know that there is more micro-plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way. In addition, almost 2 million single-use plastic bags are distributed worldwide every single minute. 

Our sustainable, effective Furoshiki gift wrap is not only stunning but fully economical and safe for our planet. We use 100% cotton sateen fabric. It’s silky, attractive and durable for wrapping. The Japanese have been using this effective cloth wrapping technique for over 1,200 years. Over time, the technique has turned into one stepped in function and meaning. Typically, a piece of cloth is folded and tied in an attractive way as an alternative to paper. Sometimes the print and pattern of the cloth carry a sentimental charge for what’s inside. This turns your gift into an even more thoughtful gesture.

FuroshikiFuroshiki knotsFuroshiki gift wrap  

Different ways to fold and knot the Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap.


Furoshiki is an art form that stems from tradition, and one that the Western world will do well to adopt in order to see a better planet for future generations. The word derives from traditional practice and refers to the carrying of bundles of clothes or goods. Not only is it quicker than paper or plastic wrapping, it’s far more meaningful and a great way to cut down on your plastic usage. Once unwrapped, why not turn your handpicked Furoshiki gift wrap into a stylish hair wrap or perhaps it could add the perfect dash of texture to a dinner party table or you could re-use it to wrap a special birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one.


There are so many ways this gorgeous 100% cotton sateen can be used again! Show us how you use your Furoshiki and tag us with #ifuroshiki We can’t wait to see your multiple uses for this incredible fabric!

Here are three accounts we love that give helpful tips about zero waste and plastic-free living and parenting!  Furoshiki Fabric Gift WrapClick on the images below to view their pages! 

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