How to Mark the Milestone Cushion Cover.


Milestone Cushion Covers


Made from 100% cotton sateen, our milestone cushion covers are really something special. They are simple to use too, whether you’re a busy parent, a crafting novice or you’re planning a full-on photoshoot! We don’t believe in overcomplicating things — that’s why our products exist in the first place. With four options to choose from, there’s a fun and easy way for every parent to mark their little one’s milestones in style. You can customise the frames to suit your baby simply by using paint, Washi tape, magnets or stickers.

Let’s get started!



How To Mark The Milestone Cushion Cover.Make your own frame using cardboardmagnetic tape, Washi tape or paint. Simply cut a 5 cm x 5xm square for the back and attach magnetic tape. Then cut a second 5 cm x 5 cm square with the middle cut out. This will be your frame. Decorate the front with Washi tape or 3D stickers to make it stand out! It doesn’t have to be a square-shaped frame either — you could make simple rectangular shapes, stars, circles, sticks or whatever you fancy! This option really allows you to get crafty for a personalised photo shoot to share with friends and loved ones. You can repeat this step for choosing between months/years. The ones I used are from Cultura for €2,30


How To Mark The Milestone Cushion Cover.A super simple way to get a very similar effect is to use magnetic fridge frames! Just double up and place one on each side of the fabric, magnets facing inwards. This works best to create a thick underline for marking your baby’s age with. We recommend cutting the magnet to your desired shape to create a marker for your chosen number. You can then repeat this design for underlining either, ‘months’ or, ‘years’. Again, you could use 3D stickers to decorate the front and make the design truly unique. I used Polaframes.



Simply use a strong Washi tape to make your frames! This no-nonsense approach allows you to choose the colours and styles you want, and the best part is that it can be applied in under a minute. Simply add tape as a frame on your chosen number and repeat for underlining either, ‘years’, or, ‘months’. Peel the tape off when you’re done! This convenient approach is perfect for those who are rushed off their feet.



Milestone Cushion Cover

There’s no need to get crafty if you don’t want to! With the help of a simple phone app, you can mark your baby’s milestones digitally. Simply place the cushion next to your little one in a nursery or on a blanket, snap a photo with your phone and mark the number of your choice with an app. You’ll be left with a super professional baby milestone photograph with little to no effort. On this photo I used Canva.



We hope you have so much fun creating photoshoots or keepsakes with your Milestone Cushion Covers! Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram and tag #timeoetchloe or Facebook @timeoetchloe so we can feature your beautiful creations.

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